After suffering through another horrible season as a Redskin fan. The only thing that upset me more during said season was having to listen to and watch ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols and her “expert” stories and sideline reports. Rachel Nichols is a complete Ruhtard. She has no body movement and it looks as if her elbows are resting on a table 24-7.

   When she signs off she has this rotten little smirk on her face that makes me want to throw my television through my wall. Once the Super Bowl was over and all seemed back to normal on ESPN, what happens???? Rachel Nichols becomes the locker room laundry bin for the Miami Heat. I am so sick of this woman and all the other so called analysts and experts at ESPN. Jay Bilas, Chris Singleton, Trent Dilfer,  Herm Edwards ( what does Lebron need to do to win an NBA title? find out what Herm Edwards has to say when ESPN returns). Really a washed up NFL coach who is known for having one gift touchdown in the Meadowlands against the Giants, we need to listen to his advice for a basketball player???